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Colac’s Circular Economy Social Enterprise Seeks New Ownership To Help It Thrive

The Circular Economy is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot at the moment, but what does it actually mean? What’s the difference between green credentials and green washing? Ryan Mischkulnig, founder of FOUND:ling Reusery knows the answers to these questions all too well.

“The circular economy is a model for our society living within its means.  It is a model where rather than throwing things away when we have finished using them, we find ways to reuse, repair and repurpose them within the community so that they do not become waste, and so that new things do not need to be created.”

Ryan’s social enterprise has the circular economy at its core, showcasing beautiful, functional products from across Victoria which have been handcrafted from unloved and unwanted materials.

“It is easy for businesses to green-wash their products, by promoting recycled content or making claims about end-of-life recyclability, but to make a truly sustainable, or green, product is an entirely different thing.  To produce something from waste that is as beautiful, functional and desirable as a new product is something no big brands are doing at the moment, but it is something that a multitude of craftspeople are doing in an amazing array of ways, and we are very proud to showcase their work at FOUND:ling Reusery.”

“FOUND:ling Reusery was created in the belief that there is incredible work already happening across the country in reuse, but that work can be incredibly difficult to find.  We wanted to bring together the best reuse based products we could find, carefully curated under one roof, so that the community could see reused goods as a genuine alternative to buying new.  Over 6 years we have evolved our retail space to support over a dozen high skilled re-makers and bring the community a wonderful range of sustainable products, from clothing and jewellery, to furniture and bluetooth speakers.”

After over 6 years at the helm though, having steered the social enterprise through the pandemic, lockdowns and inflation Ryan has decided that it is time to hand over the reins to a new owner who can help FOUND:ling Reusery to flourish.

“I have done everything I can to build FOUND:ling Reusery into a unique and sustainable retail space which provides a critical path to market for the incredible re-makers we have here in Victoria, but it is now time for me to step back and provide someone with the right retail and business experience the opportunity to grow FOUND:ling to the iconic enterprise it deserves to be”

While Ryan is sad to be selling the unique enterprise he has put so much into creating, he is excited to see what it can become in the right hands.

“FOUND:ling Reusery deserves to thrive, and to become a support for re-makers not just in our region, but across Australia.  I have loved the support that the Colac community has provided us since we moved the business to Murray Street last year and I look forward to seeing that grow.  The sale of FOUND:ling Reusery will only occur to the right person or organisation who shares our values and passion for reuse. For the right buyer, I will happily provide as much support as they desire to ensure that they thrive.

FOUND:ling Reusery is located at 8/186 Murray Street Colac, and currently opens 10-5 Thursday to Saturday.  You can find them online at or on Facebook and Instagram.  If you are interested in purchasing this unique business you can contact Ryan on 0432 889 159 or at

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