Supporting Reuse

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FOUND:ling Reusery’s core mission is to support reuse in all its forms.

For Households

We want to make it as easy as possible to access reuse based products that you can trust. From furniture and homewares to jewellery and clothing, we aim to provide a beautiful and functional range of options that you can trust to be some of the most sustainable products available, as all have been handcrafted from reclaimed objects and materials.

We also want to support households at the other end of the reuse circle. We are working on systems to make it as easy to donate goods that you no longer need to a reuse entity as it is to dispose of them.

Before you look to buy something new, and before you look to dispose of something old, talk to us and see if we can help with a more circular alternative.

For Re-Makers

We love that there are so many clever and creative people around us crafting beautiful and functional objects from unwanted materials. Our role in supporting re-makers comes in 3 parts:

Firstly, we act as a retail outlet for the products of the reuse industry, providing the only dedicated reuse boutique in Australia as a platform for sales and growth. Re-makers who sell their products with us can be certain that they are carefully curated alongside items of equivalent quality and sustainability. We do not sell as-is products, and we do not sell new or replica goods. Everything that we sell is of a high quality and crafted from reused materials to last another lifetime.

Secondly, we want to make access to materials easier for re-makers. We understand that there can be a lot of time and investment in finding the materials that re-makers need to produce their incredible goods, and we are doing everything we can to reduce that burden. We have digital and physical solutions to this problem under development awaiting funding, which we are happy to discuss with interested parties.

Thirdly, we offer design services in reuse. If you are interested in producing a new product line in reuse, we can assist you in the design of the product, the process of making it, and access to materials to make it from. Our team has extensive experience in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering, with many years experience consulting in the linear economy design industry. We bring those skills, alongside a strong understanding of both small and large scale manufacturing, to the re-use industry and the circular economy in the hope of using them to develop products and processes that make reuse and the circular economy more commercially viable. If you are interested in developing a product from a waste item or material, we’d love to talk to you.